Sonakshi's tumble tale!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 29 -- Howdee doo hoo my mulberry pies! How goes it with you? If you ask me, I've no complaints. Besides, some of my chahitas and chahitis have called to say that they're pleasantly surprised to hear about my new dhobi, Safedi Lal... for they were worried about how I'll manage without... ahem, never mind. Sher Lock Holmes and company have more than made up for the absence of the others.

For a change, let me start the day with Sonakshi Sinha, who didn't exactly have a smooth sailing at a fashion event in Bengaluru on Sunday evening. Matlab? Meaning, she missed a step on the ramp and stormed off the stage without completing her walk. Seems like she was unhappy with the experience since it was the first time she was approached for her status as a star, thanks to her hit debut, Dabangg.

Quite surprising, since she has previously walked the ramp at a good number of fashion shows in the country. By her own admission, she was previously approached because she had studied fashion designing and is Shatrughan Sinha's daughter.

That's why she was the last to arrive at Vie Lounge and Deck in Juhu, where her Dabangg team was celebrating the film's success... and couldn't meet Aamir Khan, who had come to wish his buddies, Salman and Arbaaz. Nonetheless, her mother Punam Sinha more than made up for her late-coming, says Sher Lock bhai.

I'm informed that during her conversation with Aamir, Punamji requested the actor-filmmaker to consider her daughter for his next movie. Needless to say, the Peepli Live producer just smiled in response. I won't be surprised if Salman tries suggesting the same to Aamir next. Hmmm.