Sonakshi Sinha: No issues with Kat


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 6 -- She made her big debut opposite Katrina Kaif's ex-beau Salman Khan. And for some time now, Sonakshi Sinha (right), 24, has been in news for her alleged catfights with Kaif. But Sinha says there's no bad blood between them.

Reportedly, problems cropped up after Sinha replaced Kaif in a few ads and films, something that the latter did not find amusing. Soon after, Sinha's mother, Poonam, said, 'It's becoming very difficult for her (Sonakshi) to work in such a suffocating atmosphere'.

But, Sinha laughs all this off. "Like any other mother, mine too reacted sharply. But I'm fine," she says. And what about the fact that she SMSed Kaif to explain her side of the story. Reportedly Kaif did not respond. "That was a long time ago and she was travelling at that time. Everything is fine," insists Sinha.

However, buzz had it that after she courted end-to-end controversies, Salman had asked her to lie low. "Forget lying low, I kept quiet because I had nothing to say. There's no issue," says Sinha.