Sonakshi gets jiggy!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 23 -- Vijjy has just mailed me his pic, wearing Salman Khan's dil glares from Dabangg. Okay, Vijjy, I know your heart goes dhak dhak for me... And Sonakshi Sinha too. Yeah, even though the darling denies it, he turns all goggle-eyed over lil' Ms Sinha. And can't wait for her to break into a jig.

Actually, Sonakshi is also all kicked about putting on her dancing shoes and got Salman to coax her Joker director, Shirish Kunder, to add a naach gaana number in his movie just for her. And Sonakshi has so much fun doing the hip-hop in the sarson ka khet to a fulltu Bolly tune, that she has now been telling her directors that she wants to groove in all her films.

I am told that some new jiggy tracks are being added to Joker... And Shrish is trying to fit in some kicks into Kick too. Boo hoo! Now if Vijjy thinks I'm going to boogie with him this Sunday he is sadly mistaken. Perish the thought, my love!

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