Sohail and Vatsal to play brothers in Vicky Chopra's Season's Greetings


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Vatsal Sheth who seemed to have come out of the state of eclipse after his distorted debacle in Tarzan-The Wonder Car, has found an unlikely one-man support-system in Sohail Khan.

The two worked together and hit it off like a house on fire while playing traveling- companions in Samir Karnik's Heroes. Since then, Vatsal has been getting a hand-up from his adopted 'Bhaiyya'.

After Heroes, Sohail has been recommending Vatsal for other films. He got him a plum role in Subhash Ghai's production Paying Guest. And now Sohail and Vatsal play brothers in Vicky Chopra's Seasons Greetings.

Says Vatsal, "It's good to have someone look out for you. After Tarzan-The Wonder Car, I didn't want to do any and every film. I waited. In Heroes, Sohail bhai and I play friends traveling together. He put me so much at ease that I forgot I was years younger than him. We actually became buddies as we traveled together through the film. With Heroes, I feel I've come of age. And now he plays my bro in Seasons Greetings."

And that bonding persists. Says Vatsal, "In an industry where actors are known to steal scenes and roles from under your nose, Sohail bhai has been going out of his way to be good to me. It's true he got me Subhash Ghai's Paying Guest. The role was offered to Sohail bhai. When he couldn't do it he recommended me."

Vatsal is still remembering for his long stint as the teenage pinup boy in the serial Just Mohabbat. "Back then when they had done a popularity survey, Shah Rukh and Hrithik were in the first two places. My character Jai in Just Mohabbat was named third," says Vatsal.

Any regrets about his career? "Just one. My film Hostel which was gritty raw film about ragging in student campuses featuring students, who had actually been through the ragging, got shelved. I'd have liked that film to come out. I had worked really hard on getting the character right. But it's okay. I've lots to look forward to. I'm patient. I proved it by waiting for three years after my movie debut in Tarzan-The Wonder Car for the right offers."

Sohail who's shooting for David Dhawan's Do Knot Disturb in Abu Dhabi adds, "Vatsal is a lovely boy. I'm really fond of him."