Soha relives the trauma of July 26, 2005 in her new film


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

The day Mumbai nearly drowned hasn't been forgotten. At least not by Mukesh Bhatt. He's now making a film with Soha Ali Khan and Emran Hashmi about the 2005 trauma.

Says Soha, "This is my second film based on a real trauma that happened to Mumbai. But I was in Pondicherry when the Mumbai train blasts on which Mumbai Meri Jaan is based, happened. I was shooting an ad campaign in Pondicherry. But I was right here in Mumbai when the monsoon deluge happened. We're shooting the film in November. It's a love story set on the night of the floods in Mumbai. Kunal Deshmukh who did Jannat is directing it."

Reading the script, Soha relived the entire trauma of that fateful day in 2005. "I had gone to town and got trapped in the deluge in the evening. My car broke down and I had to make my way through the deluge. A friend found me walking through the water. We went to a mutual friend's house where I passed the night dressed in someone else's clothes."

The one memory that Soha has of that rainy day was that of being very hungry. "And of course losing my slipper in the horribly dirty water. I was submerged in the water. And I pretended I was someone else when Kunal Kohli spotted me wading through the water. Getting home was never more pleasurable."

Soha's home which she bought last year keeps getting additional stuff into it. "Every time my mom visits she adds or takes away something into it. I feel very settled now in my house. I love being at home. And I like to be by myself. Being a little mysterious is good, no? "

Ask her when her life progresses to its next logical stage, and she laughs, "What is the next stage? Have you been talking to my mother? If you mean marriage then right now I feel too young and too selfish to share my space with anyone else. My elder sister and brother are both unmarried. Let them get married. I'm not mature enough to think of marriage. I don't have a vision beyond a year. And I don't see it happening in a year. But I do want to get married and I do want to have a couple of kids. When I decide to marry then I'll start thinking about who it would be to."

Speaking on Saif and Kareena, Soha says, "They're both very happy together. It's a very strong relationship. I'm looking for a similar permanency in my life. But let me tell you, I'm happy in the place that I am in. So I don't need to be envious of anyone else's happiness."

Soha had great fun at Saif's birthday party. "The turn-out was lovely. Kareena arranged everything at the last minute. She was the perfect hostess."