Skyfall cinematographer for Salman Khan's Kick

By Hindustan Times

Sajid Nadiadwala turns 48 today. And even though he will spend all day at work, finalising a deal for his directorial debut, Kick, he isn’t complaining. The producer-turned-director is in the process of roping in Hollywood cinematographer Alexander Witt for the Salman Khan-starrer.

Witt has been credited as the second unit director of photography (DoP) on several big films including Pirates Of The Caribbean (2003), Casino Royale (2006), X-Men: First Class (2011) and most recently, Skyfall (2012). “Sajid wants the film to have a classy and edgy feel, especially since it’s going to be shot in London and Hong Kong. He has to complete the formalities (of the deal) today because Alexander isn’t available next week. In principle, he has already agreed,” says an insider.