Simi gifts Lady gaga a lehenga!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 10 -- The much-talked about episode of Simi Garewal's chat show, India's Most Desirable, featuring pop diva Lady Gaga will be aired towards the end of the month. The promos of the episode, was shot in Singapore last month and have been on air for a few days now.

And as a sign of appreciation for agreeing to feature on the show, host Simi gifted Gaga a designer lehenga weighing 10 kilos and a DVD of Bollywood chartbusters choreographed by Farah Khan. Anamika Khanna, who has worked on Simi's wardrobe for the show, designed the velvet lehenga encrusted in pearls, gold and silver.

"I wish the cameras had recorded her expression of wonderment when she opened the box and saw the outfit," says Simi. "She called her designers (Haus of Gaga) and exclaimed, 'You've never seen anything so beautiful, have you?' She said, "I must wear this when I come to India! I've got my dress for India now!"

The actor-host, who previously anchored the celebrity chat show, Rendezvous With Simi Garewal, says that the pop sensation is likely to pair it with a halter-top from her wardrobe. "Haus of Gaga designers wanted to know everything about Anamika! And I obliged. I even passed her contact details to them. I wanted her to wear an Anamika design for this episode, but I couldn't get it made in time," she sighs.

When asked why she insisted on gifting her a DVD of songs only choreographed by Farah Khan, including 'Munni badnaam hui...' and 'Sheila ki jawani...' Simi says, "I had a feeling that with her pace of life, Gaga wouldn't have seen much of Bollywood. Who better to give an introduction to Bollywood dances and songs than Farah? So I asked her to make a DVD for Gaga. We've included 'Chaiyya chaiyya...' and a couple of her other hits. And once again, she was jumping like a child."