Sid's brand rant... Is Deepika reading?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 16 -- Wassup my walnut cookies! It's the usual humdrum diga diga for moi this Wednesday morning. For a change, I must admit I am so glad... because kabhi kabhi the hectic daily grind can be rather irritating too, no? Khair, enough about me... let's get on to your dose of daily goss. So read on sweetums...

Since the crack of dawn, a patrakaar pal has been insisting on telling me this item on Siddartha Mallya, who's better known as Deepika Padukone's boyfriend these days. What's his claim to news now, I demand to know, and he replies that he's been tweeting a little too much about male contraceptives.

Huh? He reminds me of the Koffee chat show episode when Karan Johar asked Deepi what ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor should endorse and she had quipped: a condom brand. Toh? Reporter Raju explains that Sid posted a midnight quiz the other day, asking what the word 'durex' means.

Hello! Aren't we getting a little too graphic for a family paper, I point out. But my joshila journo goes on to add that Sid explained that the word meant durability, reliability and excellence, and praised all the twits who posted the right answers. Aur pata hai kya? He signed off writing: "Remember people, Don't be a fool, wrap your tool!" recalls Raju, remarking on how Deepi should know who would make a better ambassador for such a product... Ranbir or Siddhartha?