Shunyo Awnko confronts us with pressing issues: Priyanshu Chatterjee

By Hindustan Times

Actor Priyanshu Chatterjee says life turned full circle for him career-wise with Goutam Ghosh’s Shunyo Awnko. Priyanshu plays the role of a corporate executive facing the wrath of the poor for land acquisition in the film. “Instead of only doing ‘songs and item dance’, we need to have a hard look at ourselves not only as actors, but people in this society. Shunyo Awnko confronts us with all these and more,” Priyanshu said.

“Goutamda seeks to say something where we are headed. What is our current status. When I was shooting the scenes in Purulia district it haunted me to see how divorced we were from Bharat,” he said. The actor said Ghosh has done a very honest job in the film,