Shraddha Kapoor: 'People recognise me now'



Mumbai, June 7 -- Her first two films - Teen Patti (2010) and Luv Ka The End (2011) - did not fare well at the box office, but with her third movie, the recently released Aashiqui 2, newbie Shraddha Kapoor seems to have hit the jackpot. In a candid interview, she talks about how things have changed for her, and the directors she'd like to work with.

Aashiqui 2 was a big success. Has that feeling sunk in yet?

I think it has registered more with my parents than me. They are very happy. They get so many calls every day. They've told me that they're proud of me and happy with my work. I feel great about that. I've got a lot of offers now but I'm happier because my parents are happy.

What did you think success would feel like?

My first film was a big dud at the box office and my second film did decently. I used to wonder how it would feel to have a hit film. I thought I'd be larger than life but I'm not feeling anything I imagined. It's a completely different experience.

Have things changed post the film's release?

Nothing much has changed. My dad got me a bigger car before the release, even though I didn't want it. Personally, I think I have become more disciplined. Also, people recognise me now. Once while crossing a road, some vegetable vendors came running after me. I got a bit scared looking at them approaching me, so I went and sat in my car. Later, I realised they just wanted to meet me. So yes, it feels good.

Did a lot of filmmaker contact you post the film's success? Did Aditya Chopra get in touch?

I was shocked and thrilled when I started getting messages and calls from people I look up to in the industry. When Adi told me that he liked my work, I was over the moon. He's my mentor and I hope he directs me some day.

Your brother Siddhant's film Shootout At Wadala too released recently. Have you both seen each other's films?

I've seen his film and I think he's done a good job. He's got the making of a really good actor. But you won't believe this - he hasn't seen my film yet. Post his film's release, he went on a vacation. He's just back. And if he doesn't see Aashiqui 2 in a few days, we will surely have a fight.

What's next?

I've signed a film, but as much as I want to talk about it, I can't right now. The producers will announce it.