Shorts is not for box office: Huma Qureshi



Actor Huma Qureshi, who features in one of the stories in Shorts, says the film has already received so much acclaim that its box office performance is not being thought about.

“We haven’t made this film for the box office. These are new directors, fresh talent, and we are also new-age actors, so the idea was to create some new cinema, new thoughts, and new films. In fact, most of the films in Shorts have got awards, I have got an award, Shlok has (also won an award),” the 26-year-old said at the first look launch of the film, recently.

“So there is international acclaim and the film has been made for that. That’s why the film is being released only in select theatres,” she added.

The five short films are titled Sujata, Epilogue, Audacity, Mehfuz and Shor. Huma further said that the idea behind Shorts is to “create a new breed of actors and directors who have an interesting way of looking at things.”

Asked about the difference between a short film and a feature film, Huma said, “A feature is a much longer, dedicated sort of a commitment. A short (film) is, in terms of time, much shorter. But what you have to portray within those 10-15 minutes is the main thing. So, there’s a lot of pressure in doing a short film. You have to tell an entire story and the journey of a character and make people move and believe in those 10-15 minutes. That’s quite a challenge,” she said.

The film is expected to releasing on July 12.