Shor to make noise during IPL?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 28 -- Generally Bollywood stays away from the silver screen when the Indian Premier League (IPL) is on in full swing. But Shor In The City, directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, looks set to make the right noises by hitting theatres even as IPL fever runs high.

"We are aware that people are watching IPL and getting visibility at cinemas is a big deal, but we aren't losing sleep over it," says Krishna. "It's the producers' decision to set the release date of a film, but come to think of it, not too many movies are releasing during IPL, so if someone wants to watch a good film, they have an option in Shor."

Interestingly, Raj and Krishna's debut feature film, 99 (2009) too had hit theatres during IPL but still received huge acclaim. "When 99 released, enough people watched it to make it a hit," says Krishna. "IPL affects movies in general. And don't forget cricket will always be there. Before IPL, the World Cup was hogging all the attention."

But the director duo is excited that their second outing, Shor In The City has elicited positive reports even before the film hits the big screen. "We are relieved because we had certain apprehensions. It feels nice that people are already discussing the film and have been vocal about it," says Krishna.

According to him, Shor In The City has been an easy project to take off the ground. "It was tough to handle and control the crowds, because we have shot a majority of the sequences at real locations," says Krishna, adding their understanding with each other has always been an added advantage.

"We grew up on films while going to same the schools and colleges. All along, Raj and I have discussed films very passionately. I feel the problem arises when two completely different individuals come together," smiles Krishna, adding that their next couple of scripts after Shor are ready. "Now, we are planning to go faster with our films. And thankfully, a lot of producers have approached us," he wraps up.