Shoot was completed long ago: Bipasha Basu


By Hindustan Times

According to a recent press report, Bipasha Basu’s Hollywood debut, Singularity, has gone grossly over-budget after two schedules and shooting has been stalled indefinitely. The time travel adventure film, directed by Roland Joffe, was to be unveiled at Cannes in May 2012, but is now reportedly shelved. However, Bipasha refutes the report saying, “The shoot was completed a long time ago and post-production work is on. The production house is handling what needs to be done to ensure a timely release.”

Initially titled The Invaders, the film was earlier planned with Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi. Abhay Deol replaced Vivek and Bipasha stepped in after Aishwarya dropped out over date issues. The film’s shooting flagged off in Queensland, Australia, in November 2010 and its second schedule kicked off in India in March 2011. “I spoke to Roland on New Year’s. I was supposed to fly down and watch the film in January, but I haven’t had the time. Once I’m through with Raaz 3D, I will meet him, so we can plan the release.”

According to the report, Josh Harnett, who’s playing a double role — that of marine archeologist Jay Fennel and British captain James Stewart — was to promote the film in India with Bipasha, but that’s not likely to happen now. “At the moment, we have no promotional plan in place whatsoever,” retorts Bipasha.

“Singularity is my first English film and it’s a romantic, powerful, action-packed role. I’m touched by the trust Roland put in me. I’ll go all out for it.”
The acto,r who flagged off 2012 with Players, the Indian remake of The Italian Job, now has a rom-com, Jodi Breakers, coming up on February 24. She admits her well-travelled, happy-go-lucky character, Sonali is poles apart from Taluja Naik, the Maratha warrior she plays in Singularity, whom James Stewart, who’s reluctantly spearheading a British aggression on the mighty Marathas to take over the entire subcontinent, falls impossibly in love with.

“Sonali is a free spirit, a girl of today,” says Bipasha. “Taluja is a woman from another century, torn between her land and her love. I think I’m a lot like Sonali, but my Jodi Breakers’ co-star, Madhavan, has started calling me a ‘warrior’. He says that the name suits me best.”