Shiv Sainiks protests outside Mannat


By IndiaFM

The ongoing tussle between yesteryear actor Manoj Kumar and OSO's lead star Shah Rukh Khan took yet another step on Sunday, when a handful of Shiv Sena activists raised slogans against Shah Rukh Khan outside his residence, Mannat in Bandra, for insulting Manoj Kumar in his film Om Shanti Om. They demanded that the offensive sequence be deleted.

Initially, Manoj Kumar was contemplating to take legal action against the makers of the film. Shah Rukh Khan, the co-producer of the film however did offer to delete the sequence. On that, Manoj Kumar it seems to have forgiven the superstar.

When everyone thought that this had just finished, here comes yet another 'Om-troversy' (read 'controversy) which we believe will die a natural death!