Is Shilpa Shetty quitting Bollywood?


By Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM

Is Shilpa Shetty quitting Hindi movies? That's the talk going on within the industry. What could've prompted people to believe that Shilpa is quitting Bollywood? Shilpa hasn't signed any new film since the past few months. That, in turn, may've aggravated the talk. Also, there're all kinds of rumors about Shilpa shifting to London to pursue an international career.

We catch up before she's ready to board the flight to Australia for the pre-release promotions of her new film METRO. “I am not quitting movies. But, yes, I am not doing as many films right now. I've completed METRO and APNE [Anil Sharma]. There's no film on hand at the moment, but these two films should keep me in public memory for a year at least,” Shilpa tells me.

What prompted the go-slow attitude? “I've always operated that way. There're offers aplenty, but I am in no mood to do mediocre films. The only film I've signed is a British production. You need to enjoy your work. Like METRO. I've pleasant memories of this film,” Shilpa smiles.

Is METRO special? “Yes, it is. Even if BIG BROTHER wouldn't have happened to me, I'd still maintain that a film like METRO would put me on a different pedestal. It's one of those unpretentious movies that come rarely to an actor. Like PHIR MILENGE. The sad part is that PHIR MILENGE didn't work, but METRO will. I'm very, very confident of its success,” she states, adding that METRO will be a landmark film in her career.