Shibani Kashyap harassed by drunk model!


By Hindustan Times

Singer Shibani Kashyap's night out at a high-profile party turned sour after a disquieting experience with an intoxicated male model. Buzz is that the singer had gone to attend designer Rocky S's party after his showing at the Lakme Fashion Week. The singer was at the centre of unwanted attention by a male model from Delhi who asked her to sing a song.

Shibani who was exasperated by the model's advances revealed to Mumbai Mirror, "I have had encounters with fans before but this kind of over familiarity at a high profile party was something I hadn't expected."

According to an eyewitness, "Initially we thought he was a friend of Shibani because she was speaking politely to him. Only when he began demanding her to sing Tinka tinka for him did we realize that something was going on. She told him that this wasn't even her song and in any case it was neither the time nor the place for her to just start singing. However, he refused to budge and kept insisting she sing the song for him. Shibani, who appeared quite irritated by then, walked out of the lounge even as Kuldeep shouted from behind her that he was waiting and she better come back," reports Mumbai Mirror.

Seeing Shibani in distress, radio anchor Siddharth Kannan came to her rescue and asked the model to buzz off but the matter didn't resolve. The model who was in an inebriated state followed the duo to the lounge and was heard confessing his love for the singer.

When asked about the incident, Siddharth Kannan told the tabloid, "I kept listening to what he (model) was saying and first tried to lighten the situation with humour. When that didn't work, I finally told him that Shibani was with me and he better back off. For one tense moment it looked like the matter could get out of hand. I told Shibani to sing one line and get the matter over with. She sang but even after that Kuldeep refused to go away. He started asking Shibani to come down to Delhi to meet him and even offered to arrange the flight tickets. At that point I took her out of the lounge."

Kashyap confirmed the details, "After Siddharth arrived I did feel safer but then we decided that there was no point staying on because it could have resulted in an ugly scene."

But while Kashyap was left shaken by the episode, Kuldeep was surprised to hear about it, "I had met Shibani before in Delhi and I was talking to her as a friend. I like the way she sings a lot and that is why I wanted to hear a few lines from her. I did not mean to upset her and if at all she was offended in anyway I am ready to apologize to her," reports the tabloid.