Sherlyn Chopra back in Kamasutra 3D?


By Hindustan Times

Almost a month after she upset director Rupesh Paul by uploading a video of her upcoming film Kamasutra 3D and was kicked out of the movie, reports suggest that Sherlyn Chopra might have patched up with the film maker.

Earlier, Rupesh Paul told Minakshi Saini Kathait, Hindustan Times, "I was shocked to see the video. While sharing the video, I had specified it’s not for public viewing, but she still went ahead and uploaded it without our permission. We were so upset with her unprofessional behaviour that we decided to start considering other heroines. So far, we have shortlisted Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis. Kama Sutra is a more popular concept in West than in India so it doesn’t matter if the actress is Indian or American."

However, according to an English daily, the director has now come to terms with the incident. The daily quoted Rupesh as saying, "Sherlyn has assured me in writing that going forward she will not do or say anything to promote the film without the prior consent of the producers."

The daily also quoted Sherlyn Chopra as saying, "In hindsight, I agree that prudence should always precede passion. Henceforth, I won't do anything just out of passion, but also with due diligence, keeping the best interests of everyone at heart. I'm looking forward to shooting the movie, an adaptation of one of India's most ancient manuscripts."