Shekhar Suman to replace Ravi Kishaan as host on 'Raaz...'


New Delhi, Dec 31 (IANS) Well-known TV actor Shekhar Suman is set to replace Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishaan as the host of unique reality show "Raaz...Pichhle Janam Ka", but only for one episode.

The special episode, which will feature Ravi undergoing past life regression therapy with the help of therapist Trupti Jayin, will be telecast Monday on NDTV Imagine.

While Shekhar has already undergone it on the show, Ravi had been waiting to get a first-hand experience of the therapy that helps people in understanding the reasons behind their present-day fears, phobia and physical ailments.

Ravi says he has always had an angst of leaving everything and going away from his family. On the show he found out why.

According to a press release from the channel, during the course of his regression, Ravi revealed that he saw himself as a 35-year-old Naga Sadhu in Manali during the 1890s. His parents had forced him to marry against his will at a very young age.

He also revealed that there were certain circumstances that led him to commit three murders in his past life, which changed his life forever.

"I am completely amazed by my regression and feel relieved about my fear. I now have a positive attitude towards my negative feelings and look forward to a better life ahead," said Ravi.