Sharman backs out of Run Bhola Run


By IndiaFM

Soha is really keen on doing a comedy. "I know, not too many comic roles are written for female actors, not for the leads, maybe for supporting actresses. But I wish someone would write one for me," she sighs.

Soha recently had the chance to be part of a wacky comedy by the maestro of satire Neeraj Vora called Run Bhola Run. No relation to the Hollywood thriller Run Lola Run. But now Sharman Joshi who was supposed to play Bhola is no longer a part of the project. So what happens comic yearnings? This isn't the first comedy Sharman has said no to. Earlier he opted out of Phir Golmaal. "I hope it's still on. Neeraj's script made me chortle. And after doing a series of very serious films I'm ready for some serious laughs," Soha has her fingers crossed.

For now she has another film with Sharman, a horror flick called K-11 directed by Sourabh Narang who earlier directed the other horror fest Vastu Shastra for Ram Gopal Varma.