Shammi Kapoor asks Deepika for another date!


New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) Flamboyant yesteryear Bollywood style icon Shammi Kapoor has once again asked young actress Deepika Padukone out for coffee.

"Morning love. How are thee? Only get to see you in (Vijay) Mallya match. Another cuppa another day? What say you," the 78-year-old posted on Deepika's Twitter page.

The invitation comes just two weeks after the two met for a date. Deepika had expressed how it was her best date ever.

But Deepika is so busy with her shooting that she may not accept his invitation.

"namaste shammi uncle! would love to... only thing is I've been shooting everyday and packing up way past your coffee time," she posted on her microblogging website.