Shake it like Priyanka!



Mumbai, July 6 -- Sticking to the title of her next single, which also features international rapper Pitbull, Priyanka Chopra is set to launch a milkshake at a famous Hollywood milkshake place later this month. The song is titled 'Exotic', and as a part of the promotions for her album, the actor will launch a milkshake by the same name, which will have ingredients of her choice.

A source close to Priyanka reveals, "On July 25, Priyanka will be in Los Angeles, USA, to launch the Exotic milkshake. Today (July 7), she will put up a question to all her fans on her Twitter profile, asking them what ingredients they would like as a part of the concoction. She will then go through all the options and eventually decide the final ingredients."

The milkshake joint has even put up a picture of Priyanka's on their homepage, with details about the event. Located on the busy Santa Monica Boulevard, it is a popular spot to catch a glimpse of Hollywood stars. The store also has branches in the Middle East - at Bahrain, Kuwait and Dubai - and has more than 50 celebrity-inspired milkshake combinations on its menu. Apparently, creating a milkshake recipe is a common concept with Hollywood celebrities. "This is a popular concept in Hollywood, where a lot of actors have personalised their own milkshakes." The source adds that this act will be one of the first promotional events for her next single as well.

Priyanka's single with Pitbull recently made headlines after it got leaked online. The source says, "That was a low patch, but the team is going to go all out for the promotions of this number. Her first single 'In my city', got a great response all over, so she is really excited about this next track."


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