Shahid's character is a repressed musician - Imtiaz Ali


By IndiaFM

While Jab We Met is the hottest film at the box office today, it's music has been one of the best sellers in the last one month. A mix of dance numbers and soft songs have been judiciously created by composer Pritam with director Imtiaz Ali being involved at all stages of the music creation.

Says Imtiaz, "Music plays a very important part in Jab We Met since a lot is achieved through the tunes that play throughout the narrative. In fact, Aditya, the character played by Shahid, is shown to be a repressed musician. It is the journey he takes with Kareena and the events that unfold which brings out this musical aspect of his. He does what he probably hadn't done for quite some time. This is why music had to be special here." Talking fondly about Pritam, he continues, "I have known Pritam for quite some time but we are coming together for the first time in Jab We Met. Believe me, he has pumped the blood of his heart into the compositions. Do you know that he was in the middle of his marriage rituals when he was giving instructions on phone for the music creation? And just look at the tunes he has created! The sheer exuberance that he has brought out in the compositions is what has stood out eventually."

As per the current music charts, music of Jab We Met continues to be in Top-5 and has Pritam's own Bhool Bhulaiyaa as the closest competitor. If not for Om Shanti Om and Saawariya battling out for the numero uno position in the charts, Jab We Met could well have been one of the hottest selling and most popular soundtrack at the stands. Next few weeks will tell if Jab We Met proves to be directly in competition with the Big Two as well!

Meanwhile, it is time to have some 'Mauja Hi Mauja'!