Shahid, upset? Kissne kaha??


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 27 -- Now my parinda from Versova is telling me that Shahid Kapoor is upset. Nah, he's not had any run-in with any netaji... but he's not too pleased to hear his reported displeasure with Priyanka Chopra-Ranbir Kapoor's lip-lock in their forthcoming film, Anjaana Anjaani.

My parinda got it from the actor's dost that he's not happy to be pulled into some news about a film which he has nothing to do with at all. Recalling the friend's words, my birdy says that Shasha is a progressive modern guy and has no hang-ups with what other actors do in their films. Of course, as long as he's not dragged into it for no rhyme or reason. Point noted!