Shahid-Sonam: Pool pics!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 13 -- Haylo my kanda bhajias. That's Mumbaikars' staple diet this barish season. Of course, I stay miles away from such calorie-rich stuff. Can't afford to pile on the ounces, you see. But I can go out and serenade the monsoon showers. They are fat free and frolic full, so whenever the rain comes down rim jhim, I can't wait to get out and about.

Vijjy, my silver bearded beau, is not amused. He is in Croatia mining corals or something such, and trying to force feed me cough syrup all the way from there. I just wave off the meds, unwilling to be put to sleep. Arrey, what's a little sardi zukhaam!

Now my sweety Shahid Kapoor is in complete sync with me on this mausam mausam, lovely mausam wali baat. The other day, Shahid was shooting for a magazine cover and the photographer wanted to click him in the pool. He was game, but insisted that the clicker join him too. And when the guy demurred, saying he didn't have a change, Shahid offered him his tracks.

Sonam Kapoor walked into this bheegi bheegi photo shoot dressed to the hilt. And before she knew it, Shahid was dragging her into the water. She protested and tried to wriggle free, but Shahid held fast till he had given her a good and proper dunking. I was on my way to join the impromptu Holi party when Vijju called and absolutely forbade me from doing a pani pani re. Ufffffff, what a spoiltsport, I tell you!