Shahid, Sonam on pen and paper!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 15 -- Mausam is becoming a first-of-its-kind film in more ways than one. So even as director Pankaj Kapur plans to turn author by compiling his personal love letters into a book, Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have also got down to pen and paper for their upcoming movie.

For the first time in Bollywood, Mausam claims to be coming out with a handwritten press kit, for which Shahid and Sonam are going to pen a personal note about the film. Kapur's directorial debut is a contemporary love story between a Punjabi boy and a Kashmiri girl in a small village of Punjab.

"It's quite a unique idea. Mausam is a labour of love and not just a film for all of us. It's a marketing idea that the team came up with," confirms Kapur, who along with Shahid and Sonam has worked for over two years to complete the movie. As part of the innovative concept, the actors will write about their personal journeys and encapsulate their favourite moments from the film's shoot.

During the shoot of the film, Kapur had asked the two actors to stop using their mobile phones. They were asked to not send SMSes or use any short and easy form of communication. Instead, they were instructed to write letters to each other, to communicate for two months before the shooting actually began.

Initially, Sonam and Shahid hated the idea of shunning their mobile phones, but Kapur insisted and told them that he would only start shooting the film if they went through the exercise. Both Shahid and Sonam wrote really bad notes for two weeks, which left Kapur fuming and baffled, but he persisted with the idea.

Meanwhile, Kapur is compiling hundreds of personal love letters that he has preserved over the years as a hobby, for a book he plans to call Mausam Of Love.