Shahid Kapoor: Working Holiday!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 23 -- Howdy bumchums! I'm planning a holiday for Christmas. But I really don't know where to go because Goa, one of my favourite holiday destinations, is going to be crowded. And I don't intend to bump into my neighbours when I'm on chutti as well. Maybe I'll head to the quiet Pondicherry. The beaches seem pristine there too. Ah, so I'll have to call Comas Took, my holiday planner, to help me with all this chutti baazi. Before I get busy, here is your Bollywood goss for the day.

For starters, Sher Lock Holmes has taken the first flight from Mumbai to Goa. Reason: he wants to meet Shahid Kapoor. The actor, who last week was shooting in Mumbai for a coffee advertisement with old friend Priyanka Chopra, has taken off to the beach city for a mini holiday. But he's not resting there.

The actor, after his father's film Mausam, has taken this break to hear writers and directors. And everyone who is interested, from banners or production companies, is flying of to Goa and queueing up outside his hotel room to sunao their stories to him and make their offers. I'm told he hasn't signed any project as yet because he's holidaying and will take a call only once he's back in Mumbai.

Now whether he signs a project or not, I'm sure with the escalating number of flights taken by various people to meet him, the Goa state government will make Shahid their tourism ambassador for sure. Hai na?