Shahid Kapoor: Tareef Pe Tareef!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 11 -- Good morning my gulab jamuns! It really is a very meetha morning because I've woken up to some sugary tweets by Shahid Kapoor. Jee haan! Sasha has been busy complimenting his rival Ranbir Kapoor and his once-upon-a-time girlfriend (or that's what we believe) Priyanka Chopra.

Well, basically he's just complimenting team Barfi! Apparently, he just saw the film. Kya karein? Tickets weren't available na. Hehe!

So, this is what he tweeted: "Finally saw barfi .... Huge shout out to the entire team .... N great to see a genuinely good film perform so well at the box office..."(sic) and "Take a bow anurag rk pc illeana utv and the entire team for taking the risk of doing an unconventional film and backing it all the way"(sic).

Honey and her gas-bags make hearsay gossip. You are advised to occasionally add some salt to their daily masala! You know, I understand 140 characters is a really tiny word limit, but I think Sasha has done a good job with his tweets. So sweet of him to appreciate everyone's work, no? Even his beloved PC's! Haha!