Shahid Kapoor: Rihanna, no, no!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 25 -- Heylo my steamed dumplings, how goes it with you this Saturday? I'm at the top of the Eiffel Tower with Vijjy, my silver-bearded beau, on his knees in front of me begging for my hand. The poor dearie is even crooning one of Rihanna's numbers, 'Is this love...' It's sweet but I'm not biting the bait yet even though Vijju has promised me all the silver, gold and heeras in the world. Oye, a girl needs time to make up her mind, right?

Talking about Rihanna, Shahid Kapoor, I'm told, was to perform with the singing star at IIFA this weekend, Vijju who's become my 007 secret agent, tells me. So what happened? I don't think Shahid is in Toronto crooning over the Niagra Falls right now!

Nope, he isn't, nods Vijju. He had a change of mausam and decided he's going to promote only his father, Pankaj Kapoor's film, right now. So it's Mausam, mausam, lovely Mausam for now. Rihanna can wait. Now that's like a cool dude, I tell ya!