Shahid Kapoor & Ahmed Khan Back together


By Subhash K. Jha,


Next time you see choreographer-turned-director Ahmed Khan and

actor-turned-dogooder Shahid Khan together, you could burst into Yeh

dosti hum nahin chodenge.,

In spite of their comic collaboration (and never mind if the audience

laughed at the duo more than with their creative output) Khan and Kapoor

are all set to make another effort at creating magic instead of mirth.

Putting the fiasco of Fool & Final behind them the duo is all set to

collaborate for another film, this time based on the theme of football,

sports being so much the flavour of the coming year. Check out Shah

Rukh Khan and the ladies playing hockey in Chak De India, and John,

Arshad and gang kicking the ball in London for Goal.

The football film will also feature Arjun Rampal, Viveik Oberoi and

Aryan Vaid… in short the entire Fool & Final gang except Sunny


Says a source, "In this industry where friendships are based on last

Friday's collections, Shahid's support of his childhood chum is exemplary.

When Ahmed got shaky after Fool & Final Shahid told the young director

not to worry and go right ahead with the next venture."

Do we have another celluloid team on the lines of Karan Johar-Shah

Rukh Khan, Sanjay Gupta-Sanjay Dutt ?