Shahid Kapoor’s fans cause Twitter frenzy!


By Hindustan Times

Shahid Kapoor seems to have a massive army of fans in the virtual world, who call themselves ‘Shanatics’. The actor, who appeared at the HT Mumbai’s Most Stylish 2013 on Thursday evening in a suave suit, looked his usual handsome self. And he must be given credit for being a complete charmer.

Shahid was seen mingling with the women — from Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez to Niharika Khan — in addition to chatting with the rest of the celebrity brigade. He even found time to pose for the shutterbugs and cheer the winners between all this socialising.

All these moments didn’t go unnoticed by Shahid’s huge fan following on the social networking site, Twitter. The minute Shahid’s award was announced, the site went into a frenzy with messages pouring in from all of Shahid’s fans, male and female, and online fan clubs, some from countries as far away as the Netherlands and Germany. So much so, that he almost became a trending hashtag on the popular site.

@exoticallyrare: the #MostStylish, best actor & awesome person.. mr @shahidkapoor @htcafe #MumbaisMostStylish #Shanatic #shanaticsUSA

@shahid_lovers: @htcafe @shahidkapoor - awsome pic of super cute shahid kapoor at mumbai most stylish awards 2013

@RiealyBeautiful: To d Suave, Sensational & Handsomest [email protected] Congrats 4d 'Most Stylish Man' awd, by @HTcafe! *Looked SupaHot* #MumbaismostStylish