Shahid-Bipasha: Mix and No Match!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 16 -- Goooood morning my strawberry cupcakes, how are you doing today? I'm in Auckland and all set to go for a spin in a racing boat. Yeah, Vijjy, my silver-bearded beau, sent his private jet across to pick me up from my Mumbai luxury pad and deposit me straight to New Zealand.

He had tried buying a yacht in Toronto, but none of the ones available met our exalted standards. So, he shifted his sights to NZ and within hours, we had become the proud owners of a super boat. Now, of course, he has to get Her Majesty to travel on it since it's been named after moi: Honey-Bee...Hmmmm, niceeeeee!!!!!

Meanwhile, what's this I'm hearing now, about Shahid Kapoor and Bipasha Basu being an item? I tried asking Shahid about the beauty who gave him a hickey and he just smiled and turned away. The only way you can get a window into his private affairs is if you send the IT guys knocking on his girlfriend's door at 7 am or if a fly-by-night operator manages to click an MMS lip-lock. Otherwise, he doesn't kiss and tell ever. Borrrring!!!

I would have prodded Bips, but she's flown away across the seven shores. So, I sent my spies out scouting and they are reporting back that his fans are not too gung-ho about this new lady in his life. They think she's a little too... ummm... mature and sophisticated for Shahid. They would rather he sang, 'Rimjhim rimjhim, rumjhum rumjhum, bheegi bheegi rut mein, tum hum hum tum...' with the masoom and mausami Sonam Kapoor. Hey, they point out, the one-time-dushmans are dosts now.

Shahid is not commenting or committing to anything. He just stands there and smiles. Ufffffffff!