Shahid and Kareena's passionate liplock in Jab We Met


By IndiaFM

Everyone's talking about the on-screen chemistry between Shahid and Kareena in JAB WE MET. The good-looking couple didn't set the screen ablaze in the first three films they did together [FIDA, 36 CHINA TOWN, CHUP CHUPKE], but this time around, in their fourth film, the chemistry is electrifying.

Unfortunately, JAB WE MET seems to be their final film together. That's what everyone feels, after the real-life couple decided to go separate ways for reasons best known to them. I posed this question to Shahid on my TV show and, on camera, he said he'd work with Kareena again.

Meanwhile, the ending of JAB WE MET shows Shahid and Kareena indulging in a passionate liplock. Hope it's not the last kiss!