Shahbaash India - A salute to the fearless kids !!


By Manas Mishra, News Network

Children are gifts of the God sent to Earth to accomplish the easiest as well as the most arduous tasks. Well, this saying has been proved right by Soft Focus Telefilms whose show “Shabaash India” not only showcases the talented people of India but from now onwards the show will focus on children from the remotest corners of our country who’ll leave the audiences gasping for breath as their hidden abilities are going to leave them awestruck.

The show, that will envelope a whole lot of 26 episodes, will concentrate on discovering the unconventional talent of kids thereby allowing them to come out of their shell and proving their worth. The show tries to bring forward the unnatural stunts by kids that include the flexibility of the body, different kinds of balancing acts, unusual breathing abilities, dangerous jumps & curls, etc.

The first segment of the show deals with kids who are strong, tough, flexible & possess exceptional abilities. This will include a girl having a degree in yoga and excels in performing different asanas. Then, a girl who can cut an apple placed on a person’s chest with a sword, a guy who could run through a 28 feet fire tunnel, a guy who could memorize the flags of 170 countries, etc. While, the second segment of show would concentrate on felicitating young Indian children who are the recipients of National Bravery awards.

The audiences will also get to see the life saving incidents of kids who without caring their own lives saved the lives of others. Also, the incidents would be shown as a part of the re-acted version that would help the viewers to get engrossed in the incident and to feel the agony of their parents and the loved ones.

The show, beginning from May 4th, will be hosted by Hussain Kuwajerwala (as earlier) who has already won the hearts of millions of TV viewers through his poise & charismatic personality and will be aired on Zee TV every Sunday at 9:30 in the morning, as the kids would have a great time during the breakfast.

Certainly an entire season belonging to kids..!!!