Shah Rukh star struck by Priyanka?


By Hindustan Times

Actor Shah Rukh Khan stays mum when asked about gossip linking him to his Don 2 co-star, Priyanka Chopra. “Ask the next question,” he says. Making it clear that the topic is off-bounds, he adds, “You asked if I would clarify (the rumour). I said no.”

But, Khan, 46, admits that he admires Priyanka and thinks she’ll be a pop icon. “I am tone deaf and don’t understand music, but I’ve heard Priyanka and a part of what she’s done. She has a great voice and I believe she can be a huge international crossover star,” he says. “I hope to (be in the video)... I would like to shoot in places where you have good five-star hotels,” he adds.

Priyanka, 29, promptly agrees, but adds, “Nothing on the music front is ready. We are still working on it. Whenever the team, label and I are happy, that’s when the single will come out.”