'Shah Rukh should be the Hockey Ambassador, not me' - Suniel Shetty


By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM

Suniel Shetty has just returned from Chandigarh after being appointed the brand ambassador for hockey….to hear some good news.

"It's really heartening to hear Sanju is being released on interim bail. What do I say? It's an answer to all the prayers that people have sent up for him. It's the junta's goodwill that has kept him going. It's Sanju who has brought the concept of Gandhi-giri to people. And I believe he truly believes in peace. Sanju is totally converted."

Suniel is currently confused about being appointed the brand ambassador for hockey. "It was an awesome experience to be given the responsibility to revive the game. I may be a right choice. But after seeing Chak De I think Shah Rukh Khan is a much better choice for representing hockey for the country. I saw the film twice. And I'm completely bowled over by Shah Rukh's performance. He could play anything. But he chooses to play this serious troubled hockey coach. I think Shah Rukh has his stardom for a good 50 years more. Chak De proves it."

Suniel feels he's the wrong choice to endorse hockey. "I seriously want them to reconsider my appointment. I mean, there I was being appointed brand ambassador for the game while Shah Rukh is bringing hockey back into favour like nobody's business."