Shah Rukh Khan's take on power!



Yesterday, we set the tone for Hindustan Times’ eighth anniversary in Mumbai with power as the theme as it defines our steadfast journey in the last eight years. Bearing in mind HT Café’s growing influence, this special cover features the other powerful name in Bollywood — the inimitable Shah
Rukh Khan. His energy and accomplishments are not merely restricted to the box office. They go much beyond. Whether it is star power, brand value, money, fan following or the ability to motivate, Shah Rukh effortlessly does it all. But what does power mean to him? Who is the powerful person behind his success, and what are him mantras to empower oneself? King Khan lends his sheen and energy to our power-packed edition as he takes us through the corridors of power.

This aside, we also have some fabulous features, like the one on kingmakers that highlights the people behind an A-lister. And do not miss Karan Johar’s tips on how to become a movie star. Through this issue, we also present some amazing new talent in movies and in music. In tech, we look at the defining ideas that have changed our lives. And we analyse the defining moments in Mumbai’s fashion and culture scene. Add to that, a special wish list for the city’s nightlife. For us at HT Café, it has been a joy to put together this special issue for you, our readers. Hope you enjoy it.

‘Power is not the ability to lead people, but to take them along’

What does power mean to you?
Power in business, politics and many other things is relevant. But creativity has no power. The only power you can talk about in creativity is the power to be happy and make people happy. It has no tangibility. You cannot measure it. It has got nothing to do with how powerful you are. Power varies for people. For me, it is being able to make as many people as I can happy. It could be with a party at home, a plane ride with a passenger or by giving an interview. The ability to make people happy at any given time and place is power and I think I have that.

You’re looked upon as a power centre in Bollywood. It must be a great feeling.
I think I am gentle, courteous, well-brought-up and educated. I feel that respect and love come to me because of the way I deal with people. You know, there is a story I have heard: a person was walking and somebody turned to him and said, ‘See how much power you have. You are walking in front and thousands of people are walking behind you.’ And as soon as he said that, the leader replied, ‘That’s not power. Power is not the ability to lead people, but to take them along.’ So he went to the end of the line and said, ‘Let everyone walk ahead and I will look after them from the back.’ That’s what power is.

But do you feel powerful personally?
When people think — rightly, wrongly or in whatever context — that I am powerful, then of course I am so in the entertainment industry; and they see a lot of me, which is just one part. But the ability to take people along with you is actual power.

SRK’s eight ways to empower oneself
1. Do what makes you happy.
2. Make sure that people who you love — family and friends — know who you are.
3. Do not get carried away with what people think.
4. You can’t be 200 per cent honest, so ensure that you make up for it by giving more value for money through your work.
5. Do not work for results; enjoy the process.
6. Be happy with success and do not get depressed by failure.
7. Learn from failures. It does not mean you should change your way of working. Realise that the fear of failure always makes you succeed. There is nothing wrong in being scared of being wrong.
8. Don’t hide your work from people. If you believe in something, work hard on it and believe that’s its right, share it with people. Even if nine out of 10 people don’t like it, it’s alright.