"Shah Rukh Khan will perform with 11 girls" - Ekta Kapoor


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

What are the show's highlights?
Lots of performances by the biggies including Shah Rukh Khan, who's the biggest of them all. Then there's Lara Dutta performing with Jay Bhanushali and few other TV stars. We wanted the TV and film stars to co-exist on the same stage. Then the actors from my brother Tusshar's starrer Shootout At Lokhandwala will perform.

How would you ensure the awards are credible?
We've tried to make sure that the awards are given by people who matter to the entertainment industry. We wanted people with a name and reputation to give these awards. For our awards credibility is the most important. And I want that quality to be attached even to those who give awards. Then there's the glamour and flamboyance. My mother has made sure we've the best of the film industry at the function. But you never know until 'D' day who-all will be there.

Tell me about some of the other highlights?
The grand finale will have Shah Rukh Khan performing with 11 girls. We're very fortunate to have him in our show. He agreed to be in the show because our families have known one another. I've known his wife Gauri for years. That helped. Also, the Moranis spoke to him. Most important of all, Shah Rukh doesn't look down on television. He started on television and has been constantly been part of medium right up to KBC. When we approached him he knew the Balaji name would ensure him a proper platform.

What has the process of starting an awards function taught you?
It's been a whole new experience. My mother has been working without sleep. She and my secretary Chloe, have put in more than anyone else. I don't care if people criticize the awards. I've lived with criticism. But for my mother's sake I want the awards function to work. I know how much it means to her.

Are you excited?
I've butterflies in my stomach. It's my first time. We've always made sure Balaji stands for quality and commerce. That goes for the awards function. Everyone should see our transparency and honesty. For us it's a matter of prestige and credibility to be honest. I don't know how happening the function will be. But we want to be called honest.