Shah Rukh Khan plans a simple birthday, says big parties are embarrassing!


By Hindustan Times

Shah Rukh Khan denies that birthdays are a big deal. The actor, who enjoys getting books as gifts the most, is averse to desserts, and would rather spend time with family than have a party.

What are your plans for celebrating your birthday?
There’s no plan. I guess I will be working from home, giving interviews for Jab Tak Hai Jaan. I will try and spend some time with the kids. We don’t really make it out to be special. I know people do but we don’t have any plans for a big party. We will sit together in the evening and will get some gifts. My whole family isn’t like that. I am very embarrassed by big birthday parties. We have never done that. From childhood, we have never done anything like this and as a family we aren’t open to the idea and it’s not because Yashji (Chopra) passed away. There’s nothing media wise interesting about my birthday.

Any birthday memory that is special to you?
I don’t even remember what I did last year. I think I was in the middle of promoting Ra.One then. And the year before that, I was shooting for Don in Austria, doing the scene where I take my mask off. Suddenly, there were over 1000 people from Austria, Germany, Russia with big placards saying Happy Birthday. It was quite touching as we thought people were standing around just to watch the shooting. They had lots of cakes and banners.

What has been the best gift you have received on your birthday?
I have got some really nice gifts and all gifts from my family are special. I love it when I get books from my friends. One friend gave me a fantastic laptop, another a makeup box for work, which my make-up guy carries now. It looks cool. I like gifts —whatever they are.

Do you cut cakes?
I cut all the cakes brought by the media but I am too old to be cutting cakes. Anyway, I don’t like eating desserts at all.

Who is the first one to wish you?
My daughter usually is the first as she’s very particular and proper. She gets a card and everything.