Shabbir is Preity's co-host!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- Actor-producer Shabbir Ahluwalia has cracked a big deal with Colors. The actor, whose first production Ganga Ki Dheej is on air on Sahara One, will now be seen as actor Preity Zinta's co-host on Guinness World Record- Ab Todega India on the channel.

Ahluwalia will be Zinta's helping hand on the show, probably the way Ali Asgar and Vrajesh Hirjee were for Abhishek Bachchan on National Bingo Night and Saumya Tandon is for Shah Rukh Khan on Zor Ka Jhatka. Ahluwalia will be shooting the promo soon.

The actor will co-ordinate the outdoor shoot of the records with Zinta who will be chatting with him from the studios. Occasionally they will swap places and Zinta will be on the outdoor locations too.