Shabana's mono-act goes to Washington!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 8 -- Shabana Azmi's one-woman play, Broken Images, completed a 50-show run last Sunday and in four days it will travel to the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC for yet another performance.

"The last time I toured the US for a month, I had to let go of an international project with big names and an acclaimed director but it added to my confidence as an actor," says Azmi, pointing out that reacting to a pre-recorded image taken in one 440-minute first shot, requires split-second timing. "You miss your cues and you have no one to cover for you. But so far, the one-hour play has enjoyed a smooth run."

Azmi, whose character Pooja in Arth has become a role woman to women down the years, is in talks for two films revolving around strong, working women and how their career aspirations conflict with their traditional role as caregivers at different stages in their lives. The actor, who was recently on a panel discussion about the reasons for women not making it to senior positions in their profession, points out that it's no longer sexual biases but their domestic commitments that are the hindrance. "They are an asset to any organisation but need flexible timings, creches and maternity benefits. The media can help too by projecting positive images of the working woman instead of stereotyping her as scheming and self-centred. The female gaze is important; we need more films like No One Killed Jessica," she asserts.

On a personal level, Azmi is working with the Mijwan Welfare Society to empower the girl child and enable her to grow into a confident, financially secure woman. She says "Manish Malhotra's fashion show last month was a huge success and we are planning another big event."