Sendhil's wishful thinking!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 26 -- Looks like we have an overdose of Deepika Padukone today. A khabru has just sent me a sandesha on my kaaliberry, informing me that she's on top of the list of actresses that Heroes ka hero, Sendhil Ramamurthy wants to work with in Bollywood.

My jasoos bumped into him a few days ago at a party in Juhu, and during the course of their conversation, Sendhil said that he wanted to do a movie with Deepika. He also went on to add that he had expressed his khwaish to her and even promised to show her his forthcoming film, It's A Wonderful Afterlife, first.

Chalo, badhiya hai. But I hope Sendhil won't be unpleasantly surprised if Deepi shows up for the movie with Yuvraj Singh on her arm. Or shouldn't I ask?