The secret of John Abraham's sex appeal...

By Nidhi Pathak, Indo-Asian News Service


Mumbai, (IANS) His attitude, hairstyle and his washboard abs have made John Abraham the latest youth icon and arguably one of the sexiest actors in India.

Let's sneak into his health routine and uncover his fitness mantra.

Asked what makes John possess the perfect physique, his trainer Khatib says: "John is blessed with a good physique. He possesses an athletic body. He used to play football and basketball during his school and college days. And his sincere efforts towards body-building give him a 'Perfect 10 Physic'."

According to Khatib, John is an obedient student.

"He is a good learner as well as a sincere student. In the last four years, I never felt that I am training a Bollywood star. In fact, he also continues his health routine whenever he goes out for shooting," says Khatib.

In spite of never-ending shooting schedules, John takes time out for his workout sessions, reports Bollywood Trade.

"Every day he works out for two-three hours. His daily workout includes weight lifting and kickboxing sessions. He even goes regularly to gym and does his cardio-exercises," informs Khatib.

The actor is health conscious too, says his trainer.

"He is very health conscious and he is a pure vegetarian. For his diet, we consult his dietician and nutrition experts. He doesn't take any extra supplements."

Everybody knows John is crazy about bikes but very few know that he is an animal lover too.

"I would like to share that experience, which made me learn the other side of this Bollywood star. Once we were roaming on a bike, and while riding he observed a guy pelting a dog with a stone. Suddenly, John stopped his bike, spoke to the guy explaining about the animal's emotions. He requested the guy not to treat innocent animals in such a cruel manner. I was really touched. I must say John is a great animal lover too," says his trainer.

His girlfriend Bipasha also follows the health routine suggested by his trainer.

"I am also training Bipasha. And the best thing about Bipasha is that she is very punctual. I may get late sometimes, but she is always on time. She had worked hard to reduce her weight. She is very much health conscious."

On where he foresees John's career in the film industry, Khatib says: "I have shallow knowledge about this industry but I can assure that he has a bright future in Bollywood."

The actor has a stockpile of movies lined up for year 2006 and all of them with top-notch directors. His major releases are Sanjay Gupta's psycho thriller "Zinda", Milan Luthria's "Taxi No. 9211", Ravi Chopra's "Babul" and also Gaurang Doshi's next film.