Sayali Bhagat signed for 'Embroidery Pyaari Sundar Naari'


By IndiaFM

Former Miss India Sayali Bhagat, who had made her big screen debut with The Train earlier this year, has been signed for ‘Embroidery Pyaari Sundar Naari’.

And no, this is not the title of a movie but a punch line of an ethnic clothe range for 'Naari' which is looking at unveiling it's designer SKD - Salwar, Kameez, Dupatta - all over the country. Sayali Bhagat would be the Brand Ambassador for the company. Why Sayali? Says Raju Ahuja, Chairman, Nari, "It's the glow on her face and an inherent spark that she possesses which gels well with the kind of products we are launching in the market. It's also the way she stands and towers the frame which makes her an ideal celebrity to be associated with our brand."

Elaborating on the association with Sayali, Raju says, "The very fact that she is so highly excited about endorsing this ethnic wear is a win for us. Unlike ambassadors of some other brands who may only promote a product and then go home to try something else, Sayali is passionate about the range that 'Naari' is bringing to stands. You can see her passion for what she is promoting and is not just trying out new outfits herself but also recommending the same to her friends and family."

The company specializes in embroidery, hence the punch line. "Our USP is embroidery and that would be prominent in every design of ours. We have the best infrastructure in place from countries as far as Switzerland and Japan. Also, we believe in organized and systematic system that makes us design products which are high quality, affordable and boast of perceived high value."

Gone are the days when star fees used to read lakhs and anything above a crore would be considered premium. Today, the buzz word is 'crore'. In such a scenario in the market, how affordable is it to rope in a celebrity who is not just a Bollywood actor but also a beauty queen? Did it burn a hole in their pocket?

Laughs Raju, "It won't be fair on my part to reveal Sayali's remuneration here. Today she may have signed at price X but tomorrow when number of other films of hers release, she may want to increase it to Y. My disclosing the price may unnecessarily come in the way of the kind of figure she may want to quote for her next assignment."

He adds, "Having said that, I am extremely happy with the kind of work Sayali has already done with us. Just recently she did a photo shoot with renowned photographer Rakesh Shrestha and each and every picture of hers has come out so well. I am ensured of recovering every penny that the company would be spending on her fees. I am more than satisfied with her acting as our brand ambassador since she is not just good looking and smart but also an amazing professional and a human being."