Satyamev Jayate wraps up, Aamir bids adieu

By Hindustan Times

Farewells are bittersweet- bitter because the journey has to be halted and sweet because of the experience the journey turned out to be.

This is the thought of about one billion Indians today, as Satyamev Jayate's last episode was aired. Aamir Khan, the mind, producer and the host of the show affected everyone wonderfully with his raging social issues, sensitive opinions and more than anything, delicate sentiments.

He spoke about issues like water, old-age, untouchability, alcohol abuse, toxic food, domestic violence, persons with disabilities, intolerance to love, every life is precious, big fat indian wedding, child sexual abuse and female foeticide.

In his last and the thirteenth episode that aired today, Aamir Khan threw light on the relentless work many socal workers are doing for the betterm