Satyagraha Team: Going back to college!



New Delhi, June 22 -- Like most of director Prakash Jha's movies, his upcoming project - Satyagraha - also revolves around corruption in India. While initially rumours claimed that the makers had planned to release the film on August 15, they finally settled on August 23 as the launch date. And to make the most of the date's proximity to Independence Day, the makers have planned a unique promotional event.

On August 15, three actors from the film - Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Arjun Rampal - will visit Mumbai colleges to talk to the students about democracy and India. "The makers have scheduled these events on Independence Day because the film deals with political issues rampant within the country," says a source. "Amitabhji, Ajay and Arjun will go to three different colleges across the city to interact with the students. The makers felt that this was the best way to connect with the youth and send across a message about the theme of the movie."

According to the insider, the actors will talk to the students about what they feel are the major issues in the country. "They will ask them whether they feel the common man and the country's youth can fix these problems by speaking up and making an effort. The tone of the discussion will go with the tag line of the film, which is 'let the revolution begin'," adds the source. The colleges are yet be shortlisted.