Sasheh Agha: Like mother, like daughter



Mumbai, April 22 -- Veteran actor Salma Agha was known for her acting skills as well as her singing abilities. Her daughter, Sasheh, who will make her Bollywood debut with Aurangzeb this May, is now following in her footsteps.

A few weeks ago, rumours about Sasheh singing for the film did the rounds. And now, we've been informed that the young star is indeed lending her voice to the movie. In fact, she has already finished recording a track.

A source close to the film reveals, "Aditya Chopra (producer) managed to convince Sasheh to sing a peppy number titled 'Barbaadiyaan'. He decided to rope her in after he heard her voice during her audition."

'Barbaadiyaan' is a club track, which has been filmed on Sasheh and Arjun Kapoor, who plays the male lead. The source says, "She is a trained singer from the Kirana Gharana and has been practising vocals ever since she was a child, so this was not a difficult task for her."

A spokesperson from Yash Raj Films confirms the news, saying, "Yes, Sasheh has sung this beautiful track (for the film). Her voice is as melodious as her mother's."