Sarkar has made an outstanding film - Rituparno


By IndiaFM

The one film that Rituparno Ghosh was looking forward to is Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. "I had told Pradeep Sarkar I want to see the first print the minute it was out. He invited me for a show in Mumbai when I was there. But I had no time. The minute I landed in Kolkata on Friday afternoon I went straight for the first show of the film at a suburban theatre straight from the airport…with my luggage!"

Trust Ritu to do something as loony as this. Wait, it gets loonier. Instead of asking someone to accompany him to the movie he went solo. "I had reserved two seats in the Kolkata theatre from Mumbai itself. And I hate to go in company. The companion constantly interrupts my movie- viewing. So I always prefer to go for all my movies alone. No one recognizes me anymore with my bald head. This time I'm even more relieved I went alone. I cried and cried throughout the first-half. The tears would just not stop. Pradeep Sarkar has made an outstanding film. Rani is incredibly restrained."