Sarit Ray's review: Ishkq in Paris


Direction: Prem Soni
Actors: Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani
Rating: **

Consider the scenario. Boy sees girl on train, checks her out, comments on her clothes and then introduces himself with a smartass

“A-cash; cash with an A” (Akash, really; Rhehan Malliek). Under normal circumstances, that would earn a rebuff. But the girl smiles and introduces herself with an equally ridiculous “I-s-h-k-q” (Preity Zinta). Dear lord, they must be made for each other.

Of course, had that realisation dawned on them so quickly, there would be no movie. There would also be no need for the screenplay to blatantly borrow the basic plot idea from Before Sunrise (1995) for its entire first half.

Instead, they agree to “spend the night” together in Paris and never meet each other again. It would so