SaReGaMaPa Li'l Champs Winner: 'In my heart, I always knew I'd win'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 4 -- Not many winners who triumph in reality shows sound as confident as the 10-year-old winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs, the singing reality show for kids. Azmat Hussain from Jaipur beat two of his co-contestants, Salman Ali from Haryana and Nitin Kumar from Himachal Pradesh to bag the title on the show finale on Saturday.

"In my heart, I always knew I'd win. I was working hard on it. My parents were praying for it to happen. My mentor, Javed bhai (singer Javed Ali) had not left a stone unturned while training me. Now, with so many things going for me, how could I lose?," says Azmat, who dropped out of school early on, due to his family's fragile financial situation. Soon after he won the title, Azmat was also excited to receive a phone call from his neighbourhood friends back home who congratulated him and his parents.

"I've also won myself an educational scholarship. Now, I'll study hard and after completing my education, work towards becoming a professional playback singer. That is my ambition in life. I never knew that someone like me could even dream of a career in music," he adds. Zee TV, the show's broadcaster, has made it a policy to do finance the education of kiddie instead of awarding them with prize money as it is difficult to keep a tab on the direction in which the money is utilized. When asked who he would like to record his first playback song with, Azmat says, "It has to be my mentor, Javed bhai. He adores me. And I admire his talent. He is my first professional guru and as a student, I'd be lucky to work with him again, adding, "This show, in a way, marks the beginning of my career."