Sanju-Salman stick to it!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 4 -- Salman Khan hasn't quit smoking entirely, beams Sher Lock Holmes, who has finally entered my den, puffing and panting. That's old news! Sher Lock insists that there's more to it. Sallu has brought the number of sticks down considerably.

The only time he smokes a little more than his now regular number is when he's with his thick buddies.

Meaning? Sher Lock has been chasing Salman since the time he arrived in India. And the only time he saw him smoking extra sticks is when he was with Sanjay Dutt. The duo has spent a lot of time together lately, shooting for their reality show. On the sets, they were found lighting cigarettes for each other and sharing long conversations and jokes.

Gosh! Once it was women, cars and gadgets that men bonded over. Now, it's cigarette sticks... I don't know what it will be next.